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7. What is your family situation?

Are you a newlywed looking to start a family?  Make sure you know what schools are in the area and if they are the type of schools you are looking for.  Even if you aren’t planning on having kids any time soon, having good schools in the surrounding neighborhood can affect the value of your house by as much as 20%. 


8. Most importantly, plan for the future

While looking at a house, you may enjoy the location/features of the house, but that might not mean others will.  Think about the future when you may want to put it back on the market and re-sell it whether that be 5, 10, 30 year down the line.  If some of those features that originally attracted you are farfetched, it may be harder to convince others to buy it.  You want your selling experience to be as smooth as your buying experience is.

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